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Impact Report: The Briones Church

I get excited about good, healthy charity.  Not the toxic handouts that I've seen (and myself been guilty of) over the years.  One of the healthiest programs I've been blessed to be a part of is the 58:7 Ministries loan program.  I just love it.  Such a simple concept that we take for granted in the US - the availability of low-or-no-interest loans.  I can tell you, as the guy living here with the recipients of these loans, they make a huge impact on families and, in this case, on a whole church community.

I have a lot to say about this church, and much more to say about the family who runs it.  We love the Briones family, and love seeing all of them so actively involved in their church.  We also love the whole church body.  I don't usually get to see a community come together like this to build (rebuild, really) their worship center (as humble as it may be) and reach out to their neighborhood.

Providing a loan to them was something special.  As you'll see in the following slideshow, while we may have provided the capital to get them the land, the church family took ownership of the building project; they raised funds through multiple events (selling food, handmade clothing, and putting on events for a small fee) and volunteered much of their off-hours time for labor.  Several of them, in fact, went and made deals with their employers to donate materials and professional services.

This, my friends, is healthy charity in my view.  Through all of your support to our loan program (and to us personally), we gave a body of Believers the opportunity to do something that will impact their community for Christ.  And they took on the challenge.  It was impressive to see, and it's not over yet.  There much more to be built.  And all that while, I'm encouraging them to go outside the walls and reach those around them; so many desperately need Jesus.

Here is their slideshow video showing the progress of the build out.  Apologies up front, I didn't know the first several minutes would be of me trying to preach to them in Spanish :).  Skip around, it's a long video, but enjoy watching how this local church has built themselves up to - God willing - impact many.

Posted by Paul Barmaksezian on January 19, 2018

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