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Prayer & Needs

We need prayer, always and often.  And we need to pray in praise and thanksgiving as well.  We'd appreciate you joining us in prayer over our lives, the lives of those we serve, and all of the following requests.  If you may be able to help provide an item on the needs list (either through a monetary gift or by sending the need to us), please visit our about page Contact Form and let us know how you can help.

We also have an Amazon Wish List for our family and some of the needs of Villa Esperanza, where we serve.  Click here to view the list and, if you like, purchase a tangible item for us.  For more information, see our post on the list.


He has Overcome: We need to write more about this topic.  But take a moment to read John 16:33.  Read it a few times and repeat it to yourself.  If you are like us, this one verse should give you some hope.  Jesus says, "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."  Amen.

Another Year on the Field: Each year we are here is another reason to celebrate God's goodness to us.  He sustains us, thanks to many of you!

Vocational Training: We're proud of many of the girls at Villa Esperanza.  They are following through on their dreams.  And we're happy to be a part of that by providing for some of the vocational training courses.  A couple are in English courses, some are excelling in baking courses, one of the girls is growing in ballet, and we're now looking into other specialized courses like art and potentially martial arts.  These are all very helpful areas not only to teach a skill that can be used in life, but to help provide balance for these young ladies.

Not-So-Micro-Loans: A while back, we shared that 58:7 Ministries has a small loan program for folks within our community (workers at the Villa, partners to our program, etc).  This loan program has grown significantly.  We're so thankful to some very specific folks who have supported this program, even as it was a bit under the radar at first.  Praise God, it's going very well over all.  We have a very high rate of payback on the loans, and people are doing some great things with the credit they have (new home construction, small businesses, purchases of vehicles, and more).  This, of course, is also a request - as we see more partners willing to come on board and invest in this program (honestly, it's not a donation, it's an investment that can touch many lives), we will continue to grow it and offer more opportunities to our community.  If you'd like to come on board, it doesn't take much to impact a life - and likely not just one life; once that loan is paid back, we continue to use the capital for other loans.  Contact us for more information.


Villa Esperanza Leadership: We very much would like to lift our the leadership at Villa Esperanza in this season.  There are several significant events going on right now.  We'd like to especially lift up Gloria and Wilbert, our Executive Directors.  As if it's not challenging enough to run this place, they also have some difficult challenges at home.  Their son, Jacob, has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and continues to have violent episodes in his school (and Nicaraguan schools are very new to autism and Asperger's, this has been quite a challenge even for the school itself).  Gloria has been spending most days with Jacob, focusing on his health and well-being.  Please lift them up in prayer.  We also ask for continued prayers over the strategic planning and new initiatives for 2016/2017.  There are plenty of challenges ahead of us, we could use prayers for guidance and wisdom.

Cafe: We're in what seems to be the final stages of the Cafe project (sadly!), as funding is running out for their operational costs.  The team is putting together a new plan with new hours and strategy to help save on costs and provide new sources of revenue.  Pray that the Lord will guide us through these next few months and show us if it's His will to keep the project running.  And if any of you have some ideas on fundraising for the place, please let me know!

Community: We are finding it rather challenging to grow in a community here.  It seems many missionaries are focused in their own world or are rather introverted (like Paul).  We also think that some may not invest in relationships as so many missionaries come and go.  And so it's been hard to build deeper friendships here.  This is especially challenging for Ani, our social butterfly.  We miss home, we miss our close family, and we miss those close, special friendships.

Finances: please keep our finances in your prayers.  We recently received a letter from a dear sponsor letting us know they need to drop their support significantly.  It reminded us how good God has been these 4 years, it's a rare occasion some one has dropped support.  But we could use the prayers, to have faith that He always will provide our needs.


Our Amazon Wish List: We've been so blessed by those who have supported us through our Amazon Wish List.  Thank you!  And as we prepare to visit the US once again, we're very appreciative of those who give in this way.  If you'd like to provide a need from here, please click here.  Please use the default shipping address, as we're sending the items to the right people. Thank you in advance!

Used Phones: The workers at Villa Esperanza and in our community are always looking for used cell phones.  The gardeners, guards, and maintenance guys actually prefer those older flip phones during work (they seem to be more durable).  But honestly, any type of used cell phone would be huge.  If you have any laying around, we'd love to free you of them!  We can use any phone that works on the GSM network (basically, those networks that use a SIM card, like AT&T and T-Mobile).

Monthly Supporters: Spread the word, we're looking for more consistent, monthly sponsors.  We're so grateful for the support we've gotten thus far!  If you know of folks that may have a heart for our ministry and the ministry of Forward Edge, please let them know about this site and ask them to prayerfully consider supporting our family (they can do so automatically here).

Sunscreen for Michelle: Thank you for those who gave so far, the sunscreen is working!  We are continuing to collect for the sunscreen "fund" as it is an ongoing need.  We use a powerful and, unfortunately, relatively expensive sunscreen (about $200 per gallon) for Michelle.  It's something she'll definitely need in the Nicaraguan climate.  If you'd like to help pitch in for her sunscreen needs, you can purchase directly from our Amazon Wish List or make a special one-time contribution on our donation page (use "sunscreen" in the comments so we know).  Thanks!

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  1. Hi, Ani-

    Your work at the Villa Esperanza is so encouraging to me and I know will make an incredible impact on so many lives for Christ. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and I will be praying for your family and the ministry you’re part of in Nicaragua!

  2. Hello, I know your parents. We are in the same fellowship class at Grace Community Church. I will be following your “adventures” as you serve the Lord in Nicaragua and will be praying for you. It was nice to read your prayer requests. May God bless you as you serve HIM.

  3. Ani and family!
    How are you all doing? We think of you often. Miss you! Lindsay Christ ( callie and carly )

  4. My name is Marina. Please, pray for my healing from depression and fear. Please, support me in my prayers for this. A lot of thanks!

  5. We think of you guys often and will continue to pray that all your needs, wishes and desires will be met. Thank you for such great, consistent communication in the midst of all the demands of family life and ministry in another country! You are all much appreciated and not forgotten! God speed!
    The Jantz Family
    Edmonds, Washington

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